Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pattern: Lara ver.2
(from Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk book)
Yarn: Yarn Warehouse aran

The yarn had been knitted before and I've knit the pattern before so it was a perfect combination. The yarn had previously been Beatriz. from the same Debbie Bliss book but the yarn bloomed after the first wash so it was too big but it was also far too warm to wear - it'll be much more useful as a cardigan. I just need to run the steam iron over it as the bottom keeps curling up and I think I'd better put in some more practice in where's the best place to out the kilt pin.

I've got 2 other FOs to show you. I've been so busy knitting I've hardly bothered about christmas so no cards have been written yet (I just can't seem to get any enthusiasm for it this year).

If you've got a spare half-hour why not listen to "How to Knit A Poem" which explores "The links between knitting, poetry and the wider world".

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