Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not sure

I think it really makes me look abnormally long and lanky - almost as if I'd changed the proportions of the photo. Do you think it's the sleeves? Maybe if I shorten them to just before the elbow and then make them flare out? Or should I have shoert sleeves and put an extra couple of rows onto the body? I have no spare yarn - what you see is all I have.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

4 times I've started a new project....

....and I've got nothing to show.
I've had these 17 balls of Garnstudio for 3 years or more so I thought it was about time I sat down and knitted them up. I had in mind Sheringham from the Denim Knits Magazine so I cast on for that. I decided that there wasn't enough stitch definition and the pattern was not obvious so out it came.
I decided to go for a more obvious pattern - Tree of Life (again from Denim Knits). Couple of inches in I decided that there was still not enough stitch definition and that I didn't like knitting with such a thread-like yarn. So, I doubled it and went back to Sheringham. The pattern was looking good, I'd done about 2 pattern repeats when I thought I'd better measure the width - yes you've guessed it was going to be too big - about 6 inches too big and we know how much cotton can stretch sideways after a couple of washes.
Doubled Silke Tweed was giving me 18sts by 24 rows the perfect gauge for Tuja (which was doing the blog rounds in 2004) so I cast on for that. I'd done about 12 rows when I realised I'd actually twisted it while joining it so out it came again.
Will I give up? No. This bloody yarn is going to be knit into something whether it wants to or not.