Saturday, March 31, 2007

Three Weeks Since My Last Post

Surely, it must be time for another finished project:

Pattern: Boatman from Denim Knits Magazine.
Size: 8-9 years
Yarn DK 100% wool from Yarn Warehouse

Look at the size I knitted - all the patterns in this book have alot of ease in them. The 8-9 year size came in at a 42 inch finished bust size!

I adapted the pattern using the Grand Plan Pullover chart from Interweave knits. I think the sleeves could be a bit slimmer but otherwise it's a good fit.

This is a great pattern book - I'd rate it the second best in my collection. There's so many patterns that I want to knit from it but I wouldn't want to do them all in denim yarn. Patrick is the only one that I want to knit in denim, the othes I'd do in wool but first of all I think I'm going to have to find another template pattern to use for my adaptions - one with slimmer sleeves.

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Laura said...

The sweater looks very nice! I've just been reading "Knitting Without Tears". Have you ever tried Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage method for knitting sleeves? I haven't tried it out yet but I'm really itching to put a pencil to paper and try knitting somethig using that pattern recipe!