Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not sure

I think it really makes me look abnormally long and lanky - almost as if I'd changed the proportions of the photo. Do you think it's the sleeves? Maybe if I shorten them to just before the elbow and then make them flare out? Or should I have shoert sleeves and put an extra couple of rows onto the body? I have no spare yarn - what you see is all I have.


chris said...

I really like it! Though you gotta consider that I'm always aiming to look longer and lankier . . . :)

heather said...

It could be the sleeves - they're long in proportion to the body of the cardigan ? No idea how to fix it tho ' ! Sorry.

Kate said...

I think I'd make the sleeves longer and the body a little shorter. Unless you make the sleeves MUCH shorter and the body a regular length... but I think the first option is best.