Friday, June 04, 2004

I've had a busy couple of days knitwise. On Tuesday I went on a roadtrip to Emma's to meet up with Carolyn and Kerrie. It was a great afternoon with much stitchin', bitchin' and eating going on. We also got the opprtunity to root around in Emma's stash - boy, does she have alot of good stuff and some lovely colours as well. I don't think I left a box unopened. The afternoon just flew by and it seemed that we had only been there about an hour when it was time to go. It was all a bit surreal - I mean who in their right mind would spend 7.5 hours driving for an afternoon of knitting!! Only other knitters would understand.

I'm knitting a new tank(it's the orange one) in my current love - Patons Washed Haze. I started it on Tuesday night and aim to finish it over the weekend. Housework can go hang itself. Of course, I've got worries about not having enough yarn but I've thought of away around that. The tank has shoulder panels so if I've run out of the main colour I can do the shoulder panels in the contrast colour with stripes of the main colour. It's a really fast knit, it's the finishing that's going to take time. The stripes are crocheted on and I'm no good with a crotchet hook.

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