Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Why is it when you plan to take a photo first thing in the morning before hurrying off to work the weather's crap, you have to put all the lights on so you might has well have taken it last night when you had more time. Anyway here it is is finished:

I had a bit of a trial with the zip. It was too long so I cut it. That was no problem but what I forgot was not too pull it up all the way and of course it went flying of the end. I spent about 30 minutes trying to put the metal pull thing back on but it wouldn't go. So I thought how about Norwegian clasps. I sewed on three sets but they didn't look right so it was back to the zipper and I finally managed to get that sorted and sewed it in. Just as well, I'm planning to wear Tricot tomorrow.

I'm very pleased with the Patons Washed Haze but it still has to undergo the ultimate test of being machine washed.

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