Wednesday, September 08, 2004

That's me enjoying my holiday in Chicago where I got to hang out with the awesome Ms Spikeygirl. I do have to point out that we are not as wide as that normally - it's all the Bean's fault. Carolyn very kindly took me to the Chicago Art Institute and then helped me spend lots of money by taking me to just about every yarn store in Chicago. She was aided by Monica one Sunday who helped us visit a couple of yarn stores out in the suburbs.
I did lots of KIP on the Metra trains, on the beach in Winnetka, in Millenium Park and in a coffee shop in Belmont where Carolyn had arranged a mini SnB and here I gotto meet some very nice knitters. I promise to post photos tomorrow of all the yarn I bought in Chicago but I've got alot of things to catch-up with that I should have done before I went on holiday!!

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