Monday, November 29, 2004

This is the culprit that gave me the knitting blahs this month:

It's a cropped version of the Consuela jumper from the Debbie Bliss Silk Alpaca book. Yet again I'm re-using some old yarn. This time from an oversized 1980's style jumper that absolutely drowned me. I think I may still have the pattern somewhere not that I'll ever re-knit that jumper. I had to turn off the flash so that you could see the pattern. The colour of this yarn is a very bright red - it's so red it looks like plastic and I think it's in the brightness of the colour that my problem with this jumper lies - I'm just not sure I'd ever wear it.
In a bid to get back my knitting mojo I've turned to some quick knits. Here's what I knitted this weekend. It's the Lola hat from the Mission Falls Decade book:

and I couldn't get a clear image of the cables. I also couldn't get a decent photo of how ridiculous I look in this hat. I've still not found a style of hat that actually suits me but that never stops me from wearing them - warm ears are more important and my hats are also a standing joke with my hillwalking friends.

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