Thursday, January 27, 2005

Knitting stocking-stitch in the round has given me ample time to think about future projects. Look, I've even drawn up a list:

1. Finish Retro-Prep.
2. Knit the last sleeve of Consuelo.
3. Knit up the 26 balls of green Patons DK for a button-up cardigan (Miriam from Rowan 28) and a hooded zippy (Mariah from Knitty).
4. Knit up the 17 balls of light green Garnstudio tweed. I'm thinking Foxy and Palm from Rowan 27.
5. Legwarmers from Mission Falls Decade booklet.
6. More Gifted mittens but using a tighter gauge.
7. A hat with earflaps.
8. Clapotis.

This is a very fluid listing - the order has changed between writing it in a notebook and writing it in the blog. I realised that I was hankering after my bamboo needles (of which I only have 2 pairs) so the Patons has got bumped up the list.
This list uses all stash yarn that I bought with no specific project in mind. Once I clear this lot I'm aiming to revert back to just buying yarn for a specific project.

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