Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The "These can not possibly be the same dyelot Tank" has been ripped back, put in a bag and hidden in the bottom of the yarn basket. I finished the Consuelo front and should have started the final sleeve but I decided I needed a stocking stitch project ro knit while watching DVDs. I've got 400g of a red 5ply wool so I may or may not have enough for three quarter sleeves. If not, it'll be a tank. The pattern I'm using is Bond from Rowan 28. The guage is out but I'm just knitting a smaller size so it should fit. I've decided on the other plain sweaters I'm going to knit - the Retro Prep from IK (it's got raglan sleeves); the Grand Plan Sweater from IK (it's got set-in sleeves and no waistshaping) and Bond has set-in sleeves and waist-shaping. They may all be plain but they all look different from one another.
Watched a good film on Saturday night "Finding Forrester" - though it could have done with less basketball.
Also, finiashed a book over the weekend "The Girls of Slender Means" by Muriel Spark. This was my first book by Muriel Spark and it may be my last. I didn't like her writing style and didn't think much of the story, I'll still give "The Prime of Miss Brodie" a chance. One of my 40 things to do while I'm 40 is to read more Scottish authors so I'm doing quite well on that Robin Jenkins, Andrew Greig and now Muriel Spark.

I've been feeling a bit down these past few days and I'd put it down to PMT but it just struck me at lunchtime that it's the book I'm reading. "The Stone Garden" by Molly Moynahan. It's all about the effect of death on the people left behind, told from a 17 years old perspective. It's well written but definitely depressing

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