Monday, February 12, 2007

Scarves are so tedious to knit. i'm not even half-way through it and i'm bored already. I'll keep on knitting it until it's about 60 inches in length and then weigh how much yarn I've still got left. If it's enough for a pair of legwarmers or for a hat then I'll cast off. If there's not eneough left then I'll just keep knitting on the scarf until the yarn it all knitted up.

I've decided that the first quarter of the year is going to be spent on knitting up the odd balls of leftovers. I expect the two baskets I keep my scarves in will soon be overflowing but I've also decided thet the 2 long skinney scarves are not getting worn and it there is not enough matching yarn in the leftovers to widen them without disrupting their striped sequences then they are getting ripped out and recycled into my log cabin blanket (which I haven't started yet but is in the planning stages).


Lisa said...

Hey Linda:

I like the look of the blog. I always read it in Bloglines - so I didn't notice that you changed it.

Good luck with the scarves. That is the same reason I will not likely ever knit knee socks! Too much boring knitting!

Laura said...

I get so bored with scarfs. Soft yarn - who cares? It's just a lot of the same thing over and over. I don't know how I ever get a scarf finished because when it's about 1/3 finished I am ready to move on to something different. :)

Anonymous said...

knitting... is that really fun?