Saturday, February 24, 2007

Still in the land of small projects

Another hat for someone who very rarely wears a hat:

Pattern: Lake Park Hat by Marnie MacLean
Yarn: sock yarn by Curious Yarns (whose website has been offline since the beginning of January)

Might just have been me but I got a bit lost among the decreases at the crown but I managed to fudge it and as it's variegated yarn you have to really study it to notice that the pattern goes a bit off kilter. It's on the crown of the head so as I can't see it while I'm wearing it I can forget that there's a mistake there. Out of sight out of mind - works for me.

There's matching gloves so guess what I'm making now.

1 comment:

Emma said...

Nice hat. I'm pondering the gloves. Nothing wrong with small projects !
It's a shame about Curious yarns, and I am, indeed, curious ! Whatever happened ?