Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Went to the library on Saturday

Ghost ship by alancleaver_2000
Ghost ship, a photo by alancleaver_2000 on Flickr.

I managed to finish my last 2 library books within a week (with a day to spare). Though one of them was a PG Wodehouse and they don't take many hours to read.
I decided to decrease the number of books I borrow from the library so this time I took out 4 instead of 5. Of course, 3 of them are quite long books so sort of defeats the purpose. I got 2 historical, 1 thriller and 1 fantasy.
I haven't started reading any of them as I've got to read and finish the next installment in the Richard Bolitho series by Alexander Kent by Saturday. I'm on book 6 of 24, so along way to go. The books are set in the late 18th Century and are set on British naval ships (hence the photo of the tall ship). It was my mum who suggested I read them - I'd been re-watching the Hornblower and I'd said to her that I was going to read the books when she suggested Alexander Kent as an alternative and did I want her collection of his books. Of course she only had books from the end of the series so I'm having to buy all the ones from the beginning. My mum used to be an avid reader but she finds it difficult to concentrate for too long but she's enjoying rereading these books. I'm reading them and then passing them onto her to read and as I'm going to visit her at the weekend and as she's finished the previous book in the series last week I've got to go with the next book.

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