Monday, April 05, 2004

I never realised how much I use the computer at the weekend until the modem frazzled on Saturday morning and I had to take it in to be repaired. I'm also taking the opportunity to get a CD-RW drive installed so at least some good will come out of it needing to be repaired. Until I get my pc back I'll be posting from work so that means no photos for a little while.
Let's hope work isn't too busy today and I can catch up on my surfing, write the emails that I had planned to do over the weekend and then there's the shopping to catch up on - specifically the yarn shopping. I had decided on Friday evening that the next project I'll start is Tricot from MagKnits. I'm not a big fan of All Seasons Cotton - it's lovely to knit with but I find quite alot of dye comes out on the first couple of washes especially if you are using one of the darker colours. Instead I'm going to try Patons Washed Haze which is newly launched this year and is 60% cotton, 40% acrylic and should knit to the same gauge as the pattern. The colours I'm choosing are Reef for the main colour and Misty Blue for the contrast colour under the arms.

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