Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Yeah, got my computer back yesterday. By the time I got it all set up it was too dark to take a photo of the completed back of the tank that I'm knitting. It was going to be a short-sleeved top but it's using up more yarn than I expected so the sleeves have gone. Let's hope I still have enough to do a high-ribbed neck.
Ain't got much to say today so I'll leave you with a listing of the contents of the parcel I got from Amazon this morning (Mr Postie was hammering on the door before 7am this morning to deliver it!!):

OS Landranger Map 044 - I can spend hours studying maps and working out possible routes
Black Narcissus - Rumer Godden
The Eyre Affair - Jason Fforde
Chocolat (DVD)
Papillon (DVD) - one of my all time favourite movies
Il Veuve De Saint-Pierre (DVD)

All the DVDs had a good discount on them (I refuse to spend more than £10 on a DVD) so it wasn't as expensive a shop as it looks.

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