Thursday, April 29, 2004

Thanks for all the nice comments about the tank. Right now, I'm sitting at work wearing the tank and the Balmoral cardigan I finished the other week. They do go very nicely together.
The tank was made from an amalgam of patterns. It started off being a short sleeve sweater from Vogue Spring/Summer 1998 isuue (a Joan Vass pattern). I decided not to do the ribbing at the botton and just go straight into the cable pattern. I've knitted this top previously and didn't want it to look the same. I only had 300g of the yarn (I could have sworn I had bought 4 cones but I could only find 3 in the cupboard) so when the first cone ran out I realised that the sleeves would have to go. The armhole decreases I swipe from Alison's Rosebud pattern from the Knitty. I did a couple of more decreases on the armhole that is in Alison's pattern as I was planning to do a deep rib edging around the armholes. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn so the armholes are unfinished but they look fine unfinished. I'm going to be using Alison's armhole shaping in all my tanks from now on. The yarn used was Texere's Vision ribbon which is 100% viscose and very slippery. The shade is Dusky Lilac. I'm thinking about knitting a shrug to go with this tank maybe after I've finished Tricot.
The Tricot knitalong is starting on Saturday and I'm being very good and will not start swatching until then. Meanwhile, last night I started a pair of socks. I have only knitted 2.5 pairs of socks before - one pair top down and 1.5 pairs of mousetrap socks. I'm using Regia Crazy Color - Nordic and am just following the pattern that came with the yarn. I'm an extremely awkward knitter when it comes to double pointed needles.

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