Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Must Have cardi is the only project I currently have on the go. I've done the back, one sleeve and am now on the left front. I like doing the fronts - they go so fast.

I need to knit another pair of the Gifted mitts. I lost one on Saturday on top of a hill with a gaile blowing and hailstones flaying the skin off my face (very painful). The wind just caught it and off it went:

This was the pair that I had knitted large and then shoved in the washing machine to shrink. This made them more windproof and when combined with my voodoo wristwarmers are quite cozy. Shrinking them had made the cuff too short so now I'll get a chance to knit another pair with a longer cuff and a longer thumb. See, losing the mitt was a good thing.

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