Tuesday, March 29, 2005

With such a long break since my last blog post you'd think I'd have something to report but I don't. Ever feel like you've been knitting and knitting and only have an inch to show for it? That's been me for the past fortnight. I'm up to the armhole shaping on the second sleeve of the "Must Have" cardi. I've started Kitty from Rowan 27 with the Garnstudio Silke Tweed and I was a good way up the back before I read the pattern thoroughly and wished that I had done so before I had started. The SilkeTweed has a different gauge than the 4 ply cotton so I'm knitting a smaller size that what I would usually do and I ignored the row gauge which is fine if you're knitting to measurements instead of row numbers which Kitty is so I've had to knit an extra 22 rows to get a decent body length (yes, Silke Tweed is one of those annoying yarns that have less stitches per inch than the 4ply cotton but more rows per inch)this is going to mess up the neck shaping on the front. Another thing, I always start on the back and of course I should have started on the fronts as the instructions for the back has got "knit until it matches the front" so I've had to count the rows in the front then keep track of the numbers of rows I'm knitting - I can never remember to turn the row counter.
My reading is not faring too well either. I haven't finished a single book in March. It doesn't help that I'm reading various collections of short stories and I'm not a short story person - give me a 600 page tome and I'll finish it alot quicker than a 200 page book of short stories.

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