Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This is the last time I'll be able to blog from work until after Xmas. Tomorrow we are being moved to a temporary location and I'm going from being on my own in a big office to open-plan. To make matters worse I'm sitting beside my boss. Boy, was he pissed that he didn't get his own office. Now he's going to have to sit with us plebs. We're also going from a department of 4 to a department of 2 so it'll definitely be nose to the grindstone for me. No more slacking and reading blogs. I'm making the most of my last day of freedom not only have I been reading blogs I must have played over 30 games of spider solitaire (it's so addictive). My commuting distance is also doubling but I will be able to work from home some days ( and maybe get some knitting done if the work load is slack).
Roll on the last week of September when I'll be on holiday.

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