Saturday, September 10, 2005

Turns out I've done more knitting that I thought I had over the summer.

I thought I'd resurrect Deli and I was surprised to see that I only had a little bit of knitting on the right front and then it would be onto the edging. So know I've done the edging for the bottom of the sleeves and have just started the edging for the body. I couldn't be bothered with it last night as I wanted to knit something substantial and the edging is only 7 stitches - you just about getting into the flow when you come to the end of a row and have to turn the needles. So I cast on for Coleen from the latest MagKnits. Of course, I first of all had to rip this old sweater, which I managed to shrink and it always was a close fitting jumper. I was worried what the yarn would be like as it was not quite felted but was getting close to it but it's fine - as good as new.
Managed to finish one sleeve so I'm off to cast on for the second one:

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