Friday, February 25, 2005

Nostalgia Rules
Don't know why but I've found myself on a nostalgia trip these past couple of weeks. I've dusted-off my collection of tapes from the 80's and have been listening to music I haven't heard for over a decade. It's amazing how song lyrics just pop into your head even if you haven't heard the song for years.
My DVD viewing has also been following this nostalgia trend. I've been watching some old TV series from the 70's and early 80's. So far I've watched:
Poldark; Tenko; The Onedin Line and Lillie. All of which have stood the test of time.
Thankfully, this nostalgia trip hasn't affected my knitting and I am not tempted to reknit any of the box-shaped, dropped shoulders sacks that I knitted in the 80's. To remove the temptation does anyone want to relieve me of some of the patterns that I have from the 80's? All you have to do is tell me who I have been listening to on tape - go on hit me with your best shot ....(that's a clue btw).

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