Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Here's the other cardigan I knitted during my 6 month blogging break:

click here for full size image - it removes the squiggles

Pattern: Onza from Rowan Magazine No 28
Yarn: Patons Gold Diploma DK

This was more stash yarn and is the same shade as my Must Have Cardigan which btw now has much better buttons.

Onza has been on my 'To Do' List for the last 4 years and I'm glad I finally got around to knitting. If it wasn't in garter stitch I would easily knit this again. I forgot how long a garter stitch garment can take to knit. I keep on meaning to to put a couple of stitches to anchor the collar down. I know I could tryingpressing them with a steam iron but I don't want to 'kill' the acrylic content of the yarn. I've worn this cardigan lots since I knitted it.

Rowan 28 is definitely my most used knitting book/magazine issue. I've knitted 4 projects from it and there are still some more that I want to knit. What's your most used knitting book/magazine issue?

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