Friday, March 26, 2004

2 sleeves completed (sorry for the appalling photo):

I should really be progressing the Balmoral cardigan but I need to knit the second sleeve before I can continue on the yoke. I couldn't face knitting 3 sleeves in a row so I've started the back of the sleek cabled raglan. I'm using the "lazy bitch" technique in recycling the yarn for this sweater. I've separated all the pieces of the sweater I'm ripping out and am knitting the new sweater directly from the old sweater thus missing out the washing and re-skeining (is that a word) the yarn. This technique works fine if you're going to knit a cabled sweater but if you're knitting stocking stitch the fabric will be crinkly. Most of this will come out when I steam block it and what's left will add some interest to yards of plain stocking stitch. Trust me it'll look alright I've done it before.

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