Monday, March 29, 2004

Snoopy says "You're not as slim as you think you are lady":

This is going to be one tight-fitting sweater!!

This was quite fast going considering I also did some gardening on Saturday and was out all day Sunday. My Sunday outing nearly didn't happen as guess who forgot to change the clocks? I spent nearly an hour cursing my friends who I had agreed to meet at 9am to car-share on a journey to Fife. When I got to the rendevous point at 9:06 (yes, I've a very bad habit of never being on time) they had gone on without me. I couldn't believe they hadn't waited for me so I was cursing them like mad as I tried to catch them up, by my reckoning they were at the most 4 minutes in front of me and I can speed with the best of them. It wasn't until nearly an hour later when the DJ did I time-check that I realised that the clocks had changed and I'd forgotten. What an eejit!

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