Thursday, March 18, 2004

Why can't TV progammers have original idea? Why is it that when one does come along they all jump on the bandwagon and you end up with pale shadows of the original. And each channel doesn't even stick to just copying the format once they remake it multiple times with the BBC being the worst offender. Take the idea of house hunting introduced by "Location, Location, Location" a couple of years down the line and there's a whole spate of programmes based on the same idea:

Location, Location, Location Channel4
Relocation, Relocation Channel4
A Place in The Sun Channel 4
Safe As Houses (BBC)
Escape To The Country (BBC)
To Buy or Not To Buy (BBC)
Trading Up(BBC)
I Want That House (ITV)
Homes Under The Hammer (BBC)
Living The Dream (BBC)

....there's probably more of these types of programmes around but I'm in a weak signal area for Channel 5 and I don't have satellite tv.

(Can't you tell that I wanted to veg out in front of the TV last night and all I could find was programmes about moving house. Normal knitting service will be resumed tomorrow...)

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